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Welcome to the 13th Petnica International Summer Science School

About Petnica Science Center

Petnica Science Center is the biggest and, probably, the oldest independent nonprofit organisation for extracurricular, informal science education in South Eastern Europe. Since 1982, Petnica has organised more than 2,500 programs (seminars, workshops, research camps…) for nearly 50,000 students and science teachers in 15 disciplines of science, technology and humanities. The unique inspirational atmosphere the Petnica Center provides is a perfect place for a Summer Science School since it encourages interest in science in a relaxed environment.

Petnica International Science School takes place alongside our other summer courses, and some of the activities are organized for both PI and local Petnica students who are known for their wide spectrum of interests - they are talented in sports, music, theatre, they enjoy movies and literature and they are very sociable and open for meeting new people and finding out more about different cultures. They themselves come from different social, educational and religious backgrounds in Serbia, and they are interested in different areas of research, so they know how to enjoy the cultural and scientific variety that Petnica has to offer.

Petnica Centre has functional and complex facilities in the village Petnica near Valjevo (West Serbia). There are fully equipped boarding facilities (150-bed Dormitory plus Restaurant), various types of classrooms, laboratories, a big and multifunctional library with a carefully designed Teaching Resource Centre, etc. Accommodation for PI will be offered in rooms with three beds.

Petnica International was a very enriching experience both on a personal and academic level. Besides promoting a closer contact between students and several fields of science and thus stimulating curiosity for knowledge, it also encourages meeting people from around the globe through games and activities that are a great fun! Petnica Science Center is worth visiting even by the location on its own. The surrounding fauna and flora make it an even more appealing place to visit. I think PI is a great opportunity for high school students who need an insight on science in order to be sure of which degree to apply or to university students in their first years that would like to have more practice in their field! Ana Ribeiro



During PI, students will be listening to many interesting lectures from various fields of science. Our lectures cover topics from life sciences, physics, astronomy, humanities, engineering, philosophy of science and many other areas of science. Our lecturers are usually eminent scientists who are currently tackling burning issues in their fields and who can convey their first-hand experience regarding science and humanities.

Student Projects

Student projects are the heart and soul of Petnica International. They are individual research projects that every student chooses according to his or her interests. Every project has a dedicated mentor, an expert in the field, under whose guidance you will learn relevant methodology and practical skills required for scientific research. You will learn how to conduct experiments, process the data, present your results and various other skills, depending on a specific area of your interest. If you have any of your own ideas considering the possible topic of your project, don’t hesitate to write to us. We’ll be glad to hear your ideas and help you shape them into an achievable scientific goal.


PI is not only about work and science, it is also about having a good time and exploring Serbian culture and nature. During PI, our students usually visit the capital of Serbia as well as the city of Valjevo, which is near Petnica Science Center. Furthermore, we engage in hiking trips and enjoy scenic nature that Petnica is surrounded by. We visit Gradac river, Petnica cave and Lake Petnica.

Other Activities

During PI there’s a lot of what one may call extracurricular activities, but we like to view them as an unseparable part of the whole experience. Outdoor movie projections, sport activities, trips to the Petnica pool complex, various workshops, music nights and stargazing are just some of the ways we fill out our free time.

Our Team

Katarina Bujandrić

I'm a 21-year-old undergraduate Psychology student with big dreams of becoming a scientist. I'm interested in cognitive and developmental psychology, as well as psycholinguistics. I've been at Petnica Science Center for a year now and I seem to have become what we call a GP assistant - doing everything from mentoring psychology projects to facilitating workshops or doing administrative work. I've been a dancer since my early teens, so when I'm not working hard on becoming a researcher, I'm probably at the studio doing ballet or hip hop.

Lazar Bojičić

I’m Lazar Bojičić and I’m the head of the Petnica International department. I’m here to make sure that everything goes smoothly during our summer in Petnica and that everybody has a good time. I’m a Ph.D. student at the University of Belgrade. I’m studying literature, so I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about stories and I’d like to invite you to become a part of our story about science and fun during the Petnica International Summer Science School.

Marko Avdić

I’m gonna make this short. I like dogs, outdoors, good food, and that’s about it. Fine! If you are that persistent, I’m currently on my final year of studies in chemistry, during which I’m working on some obscure things in some obscure fields of studies. To answer your question: yes, I do know how to make drugs, but no, I’m not going to. A lot of my free time is spent on being outside, exploring caves, climbing mountains, and making my parents question my life choices. I’m trying to channel all of my extra energy into making the world a better place – or just a place – by popularizing science through various popular science themed events and projects.

Tijana Grumić

Tijana was born 24 years ago in Novi Sad, it was the 13th of September, but luckily not Friday. However, that didn’t stop her from being a jinx from time to time. She has spent the last couple of years in Petnica Science Center. In the meantime, she finished dramaturgy studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Tijana has written several plays for children, and some for adults as well. She works mostly in theatre (as a playwright, dramaturge or an assistant of the director). Tijana knows how to juggle, walk on rope and her favorite fruit is pineapple.

To me, PI was an eye-opening experience. I was so much impressed by the motivation and commitment of everyone and the high-level approach to sciences. If you have a cool project, this is the place where to find true support to research it. PI taught me a lot of things which I later could use for applications to world-known universities. I enjoyed it so much that after a few years, I returned as a teacher, to share with younger generations what I had learnt in Petnica.
David Bonson

2017 Participants


First name Last name Country
Aleksandar Ristić Smith UK
Anil Prasad USA
Arthur Gogby France
Helena Mojsoska Canada
Javier Rivera Hernández Spain
Ivan Salvador Garcia Spain
Jieming Li Taiwan
Julija Koletnik Slovenia
Konstantin Hadji-Ristov Macedonia
Marc Serra Peralta Spain
Marko Dimović Canada
Marija Kesić Serbia
Milka Mukaetova Macedonia
Pavle Vuksanović USA
Roni Heliczer Israel
Selin Arpacı Turkey
Vita Morvin Slovenia
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